How to register and book an appointment with the GP in Scotland

Booking an appointment with the GP in Scotland could seem a bit complex when you don’t know the Scottish health system.

Nothing to worry about, this article explains each step of the GP registration process. Moreover, did you know that NHS Scotland is one of the most efficient systems in the UK?

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National Health Service

In the UK, it’s the NHS (National Health Service) which is responsible for the health costs and hospitalisations.

If you stay more than 6 months in the UK, you can benefit from it.

If you stay less than 6 months, the European Health Insurance Card is enough.

Be careful, you need a NIN to register for the NHS. More information on the NIN in our article about employment here.

Register with a GP in Scotland (General practitioner surgery)

To access the British health system, you need to register with a General Practionner (GP). To find the closest GP from home, check the National Health Service (NHS)  website and fill in your postal code.

A list of GP practices in your area will appear: you have to contact them directly to ask if they accept new patients and book an appointment. They will give you a National Health Service number.

Health care is free in the UK.

You will need to provide a proof of identity and residence and fill a registration form.

Book an appointment with the GP in Scotland could seem a bit complicated when we don’t know the Scottish health system.

Once registered with the local GP, you will need to call the provided number to get an appointment or go on their website.

Some practices give a phone consultation first before giving a consultation in person. This method is used to manage workload and cut down on unnecessary consultations.

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