Father’s Day: gift ideas made in Glasgow

This Sunday June 21, don’t forget Daddy! As Father’s Day is just around the corner, we’ve made it easier for you with our selection of gifts made in Glasgow.

To accompany your gift: A colourful card from Claire Barclay Draws.

Designer and illustrator Claire Barclay creates art inspired by her favorite elements of Scottish culture – mainly funny sayings such as “Pure Braw” and “Geeze a Winch”!

She makes jewelry, greeting cards, bags and banners that celebrate being a “Glasgow girl” in an eccentric and fun way! All of her work is designed and made / printed by hand in Glasgow.

The humourous and colorful cards of the illustrator are perfect for small budgets or to accompany a larger gift. She even offers to post them for you.

See the whole collection here.

Gift idea 1: a handmade leather wallet from HoPa* Artisans

Hnadmade leather wallets from HoPa* Artisans

The Italian-Scottish duo HoPa * Artisans makes their beautiful wallets with Italian leather and fabric. The duo also make bags and accessories in their workshop in Glasgow.

Take a look!

Gift idea 2: a Scottish breakfast t-shirt from Gillian Kyle

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Scottish Breakfast Men’s T-Shirt by Gillian Kyle

Gillian Kyle is a Scottish decoration brand created by the Glasgow School of Art graduate – Gillian Kyle in 2006. Gillian’s style is witty and colorful and his creations celebrate Scottish heritage.

Have him proudly display his culinary preferences with this t-shirt by designer Gillian Kyle.

This way for Scottish Breakfast lovers.

Gift idea 3: An award-winning bottle of Glaswegin

L’image contient peut-être : texte qui dit ’Glas we gin RE.E’

As the name suggests, Glaswegin is distilled and bottled in the heart of Glasgow.

This gin is made of Scottish thistle, coriander, orange blossom, Italian juniper, angelica, chamomile, bay leaf and pink peppercorns. The designer Paul Gray designed its minimalist bottle.

Order your bottle here.

Gift idea 4: A sturdy bag from Trakke

Waxed Canvas Backpack –  Cumin Assynt Adventure Backpack by Trakke

In 2010 Alec Farmer was still a student. He used to pick up debris to turn them into bags for local cyclists.

Without any experience, and only a workshop in his living room, he started a stand at the Barras market and launched Trakke. The brand sells vegan-friendly bags that are guaranteed for life. All bags are manufactured in Glasgow with materials sourced in Scotland and England.

For a 100% British bag, it’s here.

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