Moving to Scotland

Opening a bank account in Scotland: a short guide.

Opening a bank account is sometimes complicated when you’ve just moved to Scotland but it is essential to have one if you want a job.

Accommodation Moving to Scotland

Finding accommodation in Glasgow or Edinburgh

Finding an accommodation in Glasgow or Edinburgh is anything but a walk in the park.

Glasgow being a student city, the hardest time to find a flat is from July to October. If you plan to arrive during this time of year, maybe consider a reconnaissance mission to view some flats and book one in advance.

On the other hand, you should have more choice if you arrive around April-May when the student year ends and flats become available little by little.

Brexit Moving to Scotland

Brexit for European citizens: get your pre-settled status.

If you have just moved to the UK or if you are planning to move in the next few months, you must have heard about one of the Brexit consequences: settled and pre-settled status for European citizens.

You’ll find here the different steps to follow to get your status.

Health Moving to Scotland

How to register and book an appointment with the GP in Scotland

Booking an appointment with the GP in Scotland could seem a bit complex when you don’t know the Scottish health system.

Nothing to worry about, this article explains each step of the GP registration process. Moreover, did you know that NHS Scotland is one of the most efficient systems in the UK?

Moving to Scotland Work

How to find a job in Scotland: a guide to get started

If you would like to find a job in Scotland, I have a good news for you: the unemployment rate is quite low. It’s pretty easy to find a job.

Moving to Scotland

Moving to Scotland: taking the first step

Moving to Scotland soon? Here’s what you need to do to prepare your new life in Scotland. From healthcare to finding a place to live, here the important information you need: