10 things you need to know before visiting Glasgow

Glasgow is the biggest (and most beautiful) city in Scotland!

In the three last decades, it turned into a first choice destination for tourists.
Here are 10 things to know before visiting or settling in Glasgow :

1. Look up!

People tend to forget it when they’ve been living in Glasgow for a while, but Glaswegian architecture is very rich and varied styles can be admired. Look up to discover hidden treasures.

2. Aye, it’s true, it rains (very) often

Glasgow is located on the west coast of Scotland and due to proximity to the ocean, rain can fall at any time. You just need your raincoat to enjoy the city in all weathers!

3. There is a reason why “Dear Green Place” is the city’s nickname

Kelvingrove Park
Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow is a city full of beautiful green spaces and nice parks where Glaswegians flock to as soon as the sun shines.

Among our favourites, you will find Kelvingrove Park of course, but also Glasgow Green or the Botanic Gardens.

4. The largest museum has been built the wrong way

Wait, what? At least, that’s what the rumor says. Kelvingrove Museum seems to have its main entrance by the river and not by the street. Right or wrong way, that’s one of the museums you can’t miss visiting in Glasgow, if only for its remarkable hall.

Kelvingrove Museum
Kelvingrove Museum

5. Glasgow prefers Mackintosh to Gaudi

A computer vs an architect? Nothing to do with Apple, we’re talking about Charles Rennie Mackintosh here.

He’s an architect born in Glasgow who made the city famous for the buildings he designed and their recognizable Art Deco style.

6. Yes, the cone is meant to be up there

Walking in Glasgow streets, you will probably notice the Duke of Wellington statue on his horse with his nice fluorescent orange traffic cone on his head. Although this was first a joke, the Duke and his cone are true symbols of Glasgow today.

7. The locals are very friendly

People make Glasgow is the slogan of the city and completely reflects reality. Unlike big cities like Paris or London, Glasgow is friendly and welcoming. The locals are always ready to help you if you are lost or need some information!

8. Glasgow subway closes at 6pm on Sunday night

The small Glasgow subway is composed of two circular lines. That is the fastest way of transportation but be careful not to forget his Sunday closure time. The alternative are buses, operated by different companies.

9. Glasgow’s heart beats for music

We count 10 gigs per day on average in pubs and other concert venues in Glasgow. Venues like Kings Tuts or Barrowlands made the city famous on the international music stage. Pop stars or traditional musicians, all of them stop by Glasgow at some point!

10. Everything can be deep-fried

(Or almost) For a complete cultural experience, we recommend trying the fried pizza or the small fried Mars bar for dessert!

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